The European Commission cuts down on gender budgeting
The EU institutions have recognized that gender equality is a crucial factor in achieving growth, employment, and social inclusion. Gender issues have been tackled in a number of directives and the European Commission Strategic Engagement plan for Gender Equality 2016-2019 highlights the importance of allocating resources for this matter. Unfortunately the commitment of the EU to gender equality is still not adequately dealt with in its budget (and not only).
Save the Children's strategy to fight educational poverty
Access to knowledge and culture remains a problem for many children in Italy, in particular for those who are born in underprivileged familiar contexts. This is the bitter reality that emerges from “Illuminiamo il futuro 2030”, Save the Children’s research launched in 2014 and specifically dedicated to educational poverty. In this paper, Save the Children has identified a strategy to “illuminate the future” of children who live in Italy and to eliminate educational poverty before 2030.
The International Network for Comparative Analysis of Social Inequalities
The purpose of the projet INCASI is to conduct comparative research in the area of social inequalities, in this case in relation to Europe and Latin America. Through this network the hope is to foster a space for collective reflection and the development of synergies between network partners that allow to undertake innovative studies whose outputs have an impact on academic and policy debates. The project will also contribute to informing the design of public policies to tackle social inequalities.
Poor, scarcely poor and almost poor: what's going on in Italy?
The last ISTAT Report on poverty provides the most updated picture of the Italian situation. The Report recounts that the phenomenon of poverty is substantially stable. Statistics show that neither absolute nor relative poverty displayed any significant variation if compared to 2013. However, in order to understand the current principal tendencies and the differences that social and territorial issues can entail, a close analysis of the elaborated valuations is needed.