CfP - Transforming Care 2017 - Innovation and Sustainability
26 giugno 2017

The "Transforming Care 2017 - Innovation and Sustainability" conference focuses on the tensions between policy and social innovation in care policies on the one hand, and pressures for financial and social sustainability of care systems on the other. Care policies not only need to respond to changing care needs by providing good quality services, but also to be financially and socially sustainable, also in a long-term and inter-generational perspective, and from the perspectives of care users, their families and paid care workers. This is a difficult challenge for policies as well as for informal and formal care practices, with strong implications as to how care services and care work are organized and provided.

Four main dimensions of care will be addressed in the conference through parallel streams:

  • The institutional setting of care policy
  • Care arrangements and practices, organized through formal and/or informal channels 
  • The impact of recent technological innovation on care practices and care arrangements, and on the way organizations and professionals deliver care services
  • Care workers and working conditions of care provision

It's also open the Call for Paper for the partecipation. Scholars could submit an abstract to the selected Thematic panels (TP) of the Transforming Care Conference 2017. Abstract submission will be open from February 7, 2017 to March 25, 2017. Abstracts should be about 500 words and should contain the following information: title; main issue analyzed in the paper and its relevance; type of methodology and sources of data/information used for the analysis; main findings expected from the analysis; once we have all paper abstracts, session conveners will assess and rank all abstracts submitted for their session, finally selecting up to 4 papers, plus up to 2 contributed papers.

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