Call for Papers - CES 2014
27 settembre 2013

Aperta la call for papers per la 21esima International Conference of Europeanists “Resurrections”, che si terrà a Washington dal 14 al 16 marzo 2014. In particolare, fino al 25 settembre, è possibile candidarsi per il conference symposium “Vulnerable people in vulnerable times”. 

Symposium: Vulnerable people in vulnerable times.

Since the beginning of the Eurozone crisis the plight of the EU's most vulnerable people has become less favourable with respect to both individual situations and the number of those who currently fall into this category. Although the EU has adopted a broad understanding of vulnerable people, which includes individuals who often fall outside of the labour market, it lacks the means and legitimacy to actively intervene in the policies of the member states. Historically, EU activity regarding the protection and care of vulnerable groups has been both sporadic and weak in terms of policy outcomes. This symposium will feature a series of panels focusing on the EU's most recent attempts to respond to the worsening situation of vulnerable individuals. Drawing on papers from across a number of disciplines, it focuses on the EU's experimental governance in areas such as youth employment, and poverty and social exclusion, as well as activity surrounding healthcare, homelessness and the elderly. Do the EU's recent attempts to aid the most vulnerable represent a significant change to the historical pattern of European integration? Where and how does Europe 'hit home' in terms of protecting vulnerable people? Or is such activity merely lip service to the current set of problems within the member states? This symposium will enable the analysis and evaluation of such questions in the context of the changing situation at both EU and member state levels.

Please submit abstracts (250 words max.) by Wednesday 25 September to either or

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