Palazzo: transparency and democratic accountability must guide the involvement of private actors in social change
We interviewed Guido Palazzo, Professor of Business Ethics at HEC, University of Lausanne, about the role of strategic philanthropy in promoting social change. Palazzo’s research deals with corporate responsibility in global supply chains, the mechanisms of (un)ethical decision making in organizations, the fight against organized crime and the impact of storytelling on behavior.
Investing for Impact: The EVPA Survey 2017/2018
EVPA releases "Investing for Impact: The EVPA Survey 2017/2018", the only study that explores where and how European venture philanthropy and social investment (VP/SI) organisations deploy resources to support social purpose organisations (SPOs). In 2018, venture philanthropy and social investment organisations report growing budgets coming from a diverse group of funders, more stable and professional human resources, and an improved pipeline management.
Cohousing: a solution for the Elderly?
Italian social protection expenditure dedicates several resources to old age. However, welfare services are not sufficient anymore for satisfying the large and complex demand of the aging population. It is consequently urgent to think about alternatives in diverse sectors, such as the housing policies one, where proposals such as cohousing could have a very positive outcome but still aren’t well-known. What is cohousing and which viability can it have in Italy?