Social Impact Investment in the European Union: the new Report by the Joint Research Centre
The Report "Social Impact Investment in the EU. Financing Strategies and Outcome Oriented Approaches for Social Policy Innovation: Narratives, Experiences, and Recommendations" has been launched on December 13th in occasion of the Second International Conference on Social Impact Investments, held in Rome. The aim of the study is to review social impact investing strategies proposed in EU Member States and to assess their impact in view of possible reforms to be introduced.
Beyond Imagination: a socially innovative Europe
With about 200 participants from over 50 countries, the conference "Beyond Imagination: a socially innovative Europe" attracted a wide range of experts from social innovation organisations and networks for an intense series of discussions, debates and networking activities between 12th and 13th November in Seville. Gianluca Misuraca, Senior Scientist at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre in Seville, tells us about the results of the event.
The European Union and local social innovation
In this article, Sebastiano Sabato (researcher at the European Social Observatory, OSE) and Gert Verschraegen (Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Antwerp) explore the European Union framework for social innovation, i.e. the role of the EU in promoting and supporting local socially innovative initiatives.
Opening up to an ERA of Social Innovation: the Conference About Social Research Progress and Excellency in EU
“Addressing the legacy of the crisis, from long-term unemployment to high levels of public and private debt in many parts of Europe, remains an urgent priority.” These are words from President Juncker in the White Paper on the future of Europe, stressing the importance of social progress as a collective duty. And in this very spirit the European Commission, the Portuguese Government and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation joined forces and announced “Opening up to an ERA of Social Innovation” Conference, to be held in Lisbon on 27 and 28 November.
A brighter future for Europe: Innovation, integration and the migrant crisis
On the eleventh and the twelfth of April, an event promoted by the European Commission - in collaboration with Impact Hub Siracusa - entitled “A brighter future for Europe: Innovation, integration and the migrant crisis” took place in Siracusa. The event (that lasts one day and a half) aimed at exploring integration policies and practices for migrants within Member States while connecting and creating new synergies between projects for future collaborations.
The gradual development of an EU framework for social innovation
Social innovation is considered a key tool for achieving the objective of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth envisaged by the Europe 2020 Strategy. Against this backdrop, research carried out within the ImPRovE project has investigated how social innovation made its way onto the European Union agenda and which kinds of instruments and resources the EU has made available in order to promote and support it. The analysis concerns the period 2006-2014 and it mainly focuses on social innovation in the field of poverty and social exclusion.