Food Poverty in Italy: a New Book Illustrating Second Welfares Answers
The recent volume Povert alimentare in Italia: le risposte del secondo welfare (Food Poverty in Italy: Second welfares answers) confronts the phenomenon of food poverty in our country as part of a more general welfare crisis. The aim is to underline the perverse dynamics that fuel food poverty (particularly linked to recurrent weaknesses of our welfare model) but also to illustrate attempts to contrast it.
Working poor contribute to the rise of food poverty in Europe
A long time has passed since, supported by the words of We are the world, the first world hunger campaign was launched. At that time and in that particular context, world was conceived as some far away lands, and Africa was often one of them. With the advent of globalization, world hunger surely became more visible. However, it is only with the recent financial crisis that European countries recognized to be hungry and were consequently forced to question their welfare as well as their labour model. Indeed, among the people who can today be categorized as hungry, working poor are clearly a rising number.