CfP - Social Impact Finance in Europe between Theoretical Studies and Empirical Evidence
31 maggio 2017

As a consequence of the economic crisis, fiscal consolidation is reducing the resources available for welfare services, whether they are related to active labour market measures, care and work-life balance, social assistance programs for most vulnerable people. In response to a demand for a more “efficient” use of the scarce public resources an emergent strand of literature began to focus on the rise of a dedicated social impact finance aimed at involving private investors, banks, social enterprises and not for profit organizations in new type of services delivery.

This stream - part of the X ESPAnet Conference -  encourages papers, which explore the policy and practices that are emerging in this field in a comparative perspective, both at the national and sub-national level. Specifically, are welcomed papers that analyze the implementation of these new financial tools for welfare supply and social innovation, and discuss the role of public, private and not for profit organizations in this area of intervention.

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